Advice From A Newcastle Removalist

  • Post published:August 12, 2019

Greater Newcastle Removals have skilled movers to help you with a variety of tasks that will help make moving house faster and more efficient. Whether you’re going far or staying close, our Removalists will help you every step of the way, from packing to getting settled in your new home. We have quite a bit of solid advice based on our years of experience. Here are the best moving tips and tricks from a Newcastle Removalist. 

Give Us Lots of Notice

While we may be flexible with local moves, it’s harder to arrange interstate moves on short notice. It’s always best to let us know your moving timeline as soon as you can so that we can fit you into the schedule. Tell us when you want to get everything packed up and out of the old house and when you’re ready to be in the new home. That way, we can send our trained movers to help you.

Do Your Part

We are happy to do all the heavy lifting and loading, as well as transporting and unloading your possessions in your new home. However, you can really help us out by having everything ready to go on moving day. That means having furniture taken apart, appliances unplugged and emptied out and an idea of where you want everything to go upon arrival at your new house. This makes the entire moving process faster and will get things done and over within a reasonable time frame. 

Choose Heavy-Duty Boxes

When you pack up your belongings, be sure you’re using sturdy boxes. We can supply high-quality boxes that can withstand being loaded up during your move. These are a much better choice than the flimsier options you can find at supermarkets and are better at holding up during the actual move without breaking and falling apart. We also offer cartons designed to move dishes, books, televisions and clothing so that it all arrive safe and secure. 

Stay Organized

One of the best ways to assist us with your big move is to stay organized. Be sure you label your packing cartons, so we know where to put them when we unload. Keep all of your paperwork handy in case you need it and be ready with some cleaning supplies, paper plates and cutlery and anything else you’ll need right away at your new house. 

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